Clip In

This custom-designed piece of transparent armor seamlessly covers an existing window in a car door, providing ballistic protection for the person or officer inside.    Clip in System

Provides protection for the driver’s head and neck, especially in a blind spot where a perpetrator could approach the vehicle.

  • Discreet and invisible from the outside of the vehicle.
  • Easy installation in less than 30 minutes, installation based on a clip in system.
  • Allows for regular operation and movement of the vehicle window, including opening and closing.
  • Does not interfere with door and window hardware, handles, or locks.
  • Does not require replacement of door hinges or any other car hardware.
  • Works in combination with ballistic fibres for door and roof protection.
  • Does not require special installation personnel – can be done by the driver or protection team.
  • Level B4 or Level B4+ (AK 47) protection options.
  • Custom made to fit any Vehicle make and model.
  • Can be removed when vehicle is sold or when protection is not required.
  • Interchangeable between vehicles of the same make and model.

See Protection chart.